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About Us

Established since 1995, U-SIN Trading International Co., Ltd is a Singapore-Sino venture Company with a subsidiary company UCS Holding Ltd, in Cameroon (West Africa), having our own forest and active in timber harvesting.

We are supplying wide variety of Logs and Timbers such as Acajou de Bassam/ Mahogany, Padouk Rouge/Rosewood, Bilinga, Azobe/Bongossi, Kosipo, Okan, Tali, Dabema, Movingui, Sapelli, Ebiara, Zingana/Zebrano, Ekop-Beli, Ekop-Naga, Ekop-Mayo, Ayous and Bete etc.

As one of leading manufacturers, we specialized in HDF door skin moulded doors, engineered doors, kitchen cabinet doors and finger joint laminated boards. Benefiting from our wealth building materials knowledge, our network and expertise provide more variety products such as PVC door/door skins, door frames, wooden staircase, decorative glasses and skylights.

Over the years, U-SIN has become a well respected company with our Main Sales Office located in Beijing and employed more than 1000 employees in joint corporate factories in Jilin, Shandong, Zhejiang and Yunnan provinces in China.

As a product specialize, we are able to provide a wide range of services to our clients across major countries around the world. We welcome traders and manufacturers from every region of the world and yield positive outcomes to develop mutual co-operation.


U-Sin Trading International Co., Ltd has earned a reputation for offering superior quality products, professional workmanship and services. An efficient management and marketing structure has positioned us in most importance and responsibility to compete in the global market. In a business as competitive as ours, we know the key to greater success is adding value.

Competitive Strengths

We constantly strive to improve our products and production methods and extend our product range to enhance our competitiveness. Our product development team travels to Europe and Asia to attend exhibition and look out for new and innovative techniques in product development and design which we can use for and adapt to our products.

Commitment to High Standards of Quality. We place great emphasis in improving our products and service quality, which we believe is one of our key success factors. Hence, we have instituted strict quality management controls at all stages of our manufacturing process.